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"You did a terrific job. . .There was definite take-away value for all of our
participants. I am grateful to you for helping us take it to a new level."

Brad Howe, Chairman,
Harvard Business School Alumni Association

All of The Kennedy Group's services focus on the development of communication skills from beginning through advanced levels. These services span five major categories:

  • Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

    We help you build the essential confidence for successful presentations and help you develop effective skills for public speaking experiences.

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  • Media Skills & Video/Web Conferencing - includes:

    • Advanced Media Coaching

    • Videoconferencing

    • Crisis Management

    • Cross-Cultural Protocols

    Tom Kennedy is the master of Media Skills. Work with us to learn how the different media work, how to use this knowledge to your advantage, and how to develop your personal set of media skills. How to use video and web conferencing effectively is also a Kennedy Group specialty.

    If being "media savvy" is critical to your success, let us help get you there.

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  • Vocal Skills and Accent Reduction

    Clients using our Vocal Skills services learn to use their voices in ways that ensure success when speaking in public. We help them speak precisely, dynamically, and memorably. Accent Reduction services are an additional specialty, offered to professionals with a regional dialect or for whom English is not a first language.

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  • Litigation Support Services

    The Kennedy Group offers several Legal & Litigation Services, including the development of mock trials, jury focus groups, and witness preparation programs. Tom Kennedy has helped numerous attorneys develop essential communications skills and visual aids for modern trials. Our results are extremely successful and an excellent return on investment.

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  • Working with Professional Athletes

    Another niche specialty is our work with Professional Athletes. Very much in the public eye, these athletes benefit by developing media skills. The Kennedy Group excels in helping the pros understand the media - and understand how to use it advantageously. Additionally, we help athletes prepare for commercials, endorsements, appearances, and post-retirement media careers.

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Please contact The Kennedy Group for more details on a specific service.