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"I was here for my daughter's birthday, instead of
  in Gottenberg Sweden."*

Bill Stevens, Bosch R&D engineer

*and Bosch saved a lot of Bill's time and their money.

Videoconferencing is valuable to corporations and their employees.

Corporations worldwide are recognizing the value of videoconferencing:

  • Videoconferencing cuts down on travel time for your executives and other employees.

  • It keeps your employees happy - enabling them to deliver effective, high-level presentations without having to leave their families.

  • Videoconferencing saves you money.

Videoconferencing is TV production.

Today's technology truly elevates the quality and the corporate perception of videoconferencing. Think of it as TV production. Here's why:

  • The camera shot needs to be tight so that you can see the speaker well.

  • Visuals should be interesting, Some show videotape of tests or products in action.

  • Lighting and backgrounds and dress should complement your message.

  • A room checklist will ensure a positive image.

  • The presenter(s) need to prepare almost in terms of presenting a short television program in this very different but highly effective medium.

Videoconferencing will never replace a first face-to-face meeting. However, many companies are finding that for follow-up, both internally and externally, the ROI is tremendous in travel cost, personal productivity, CRM and job satisfaction.

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